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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
Name: Dr. med Manfred F. Kuhn
Adress: Königsallee 64
40212 Düsseldorf
Phone: 0049/ (0)211 – 86 28 60 60
Email: Dr.M.F.Kuhn@t-online.de
Date / Place of Birth 29. April 1953, Rendburg, Germany
Educational Details
1978 – 1985 Medical science, University Düsseldorf, Germany
1990 Dissertation about “Myeloproliferative Syndrom”
1990 Specialist in Orthopaedy
Professional Experience

1985 – 1987 Assistant doctor at “Chirugische Klinik St. Josef”, Wuppertal, Germany
Specialist area: Surgery
1987 – 1990 Assistant doctor at “Orthopädische Klinik St. Josef”, Wuppertal, Germany
1991 Further Qualification in Chiropractic
1991 – 1996 University lecturer at University Düsseldorf, Germany
Lecture for second-year residents
1991 – 1996 Head of orthopeadic department at highly reputable “Orthopädische Klinik St. Josef”, Wuppertal, Germany
Permanent consultant for Professor V. Goymann
105 beds in the orthopeadic department

Specialist areas: Knee- and Hip Endoprothetic, spinal column operation (Spondylodesen), foot surgery, shoulder-, elbow-, knee- and ankle endoscopic operation etc.

Further Qualification in multiple trauma, trauma surgery and accident surgery (“H-Arzt Verfahren”)
1994 – 2003 Orthopaedic consultant for “Klinik Bergisch Land”, Wuppertal, Germany (Rehab clinic of federal insurance institution / “LVA”)
Specialist areas: functional rehabilitation, occupational medicine
1996 – 2003 Owner of the practise Dr.med Manfred Kuhn in Wuppertal, Germany
Wide-ranging medical diagnosis
Focus on ambulant as well as inpatient surgery
Significant Physiotherapy
2003 – 2005 Owner of Medical institution focussed on medical appraisal for german Social Courts such as Social Court Düsseldorf, Cologne and Superior State Social Court Essen
Since 2003 Orthopaedic consultant for “BAD”
Since 2005 Medical consultant for occupation co-operative “BGW”, in Dresden, Germany Responsible for the federal state “Sachsen”
Since 2005 Owner of the orthopaedic practise Dr.med Manfred Kuhn with its head office in Düsseldorf and a branch office in Wuppertal, Germany

Specialist areas: wide-ranging diagnostic, physiotherapy, outpatient and inpatient surgery

The highly experienced team is well educated in all orthopaedic areas, internationally focussed not only by offering trilingual service
Additional medical Experience
2001 – 2003 Doctor of the volleyball league men team, “SV Bayer”, Germany
Medical attendance for Olympic games attendees and internationals
Since 2001 Honory doctor for diverse sport events with focus on horse shows
Since 2002 Delegate for “Hartman Bund”, Association of German medicals
Since 2007 Board member of “Ostheologicum”, specialised commodity team to establish evidence based therapy of osteoporosis
Further Training
Since 1991 Training in Arthroskopy operation
For instance courses taken in Hamburg and Berlin
1992 Further training in: Sonography of musculoskeletal system and supportin apparatus. Sonography of infant hips
1994 Orthopaedic sonography verified by “KV”, the national association of statutory health insurance physicians.
1995 Additional qualifications: Physical therapy, sports medicine
Scientific Qualifications
1990 – 1996 Collaboration for several research purposes, for instance research purposes in Munich with Professor Draenert. Several Papers, publication etc. Lecturing at reputable organisations, associations etc. Superintendence of an international congress, practical training in Munich. Auditor in Rome, Venice, Boston, Chicago, Richmond etc. Attendance at several congresses in e.g. Marbella or Boston
Interests Cultures, travelling, equitation, winter-sports, music